Street view from Tadpole Bridge Upstream
Street view from Tadpole Bridge Downstream, the Trout Moorings


Camping:   The Trout Inn, Tadpole Bridge, Buckland Marsh, Nr Faringdon, Oxon SN7 8RF
01367 870382. Email:
20 pitches, all year round, WC in pub.

1910: This section in Thames Valley Villages by Charles G Harper

from Environment Agency Guide 2012-2013

This section in The Stripling Thames by Fred Thacker

Site of Tadpole Weir, Rudge's Weir or Kent's Weir.
[probably below Tadpole Bridge].
1784: on Robt. Whitworth's map (so perhaps this refers to a previous bridge?)
1789:  Tadpole Bridge built.
1796: A new bridge at Tadpole.

1859: The Thames, Mr & Mrs Hall

Our course maybe rapid between Radcot Bridge and New Bridge,
[they were going downstream with a strong current. They would have shot Tadpole Weir ]
although the distance is some ten miles; for there is no village along its banks, but one small bridge — Tadpole Bridge — and but one ferry

1869: Tadpole Weir removed.
Site of Tadpole Wharf.
1877: Tadpole had a considerable coal wharf.

1881: [Uncertain source] -

Tadpole Bridge beside the inn might be a child of Halfpenny Bridge at Lechlade, ten miles nearer to the source.  The same simple arch, the same atmosphere of calm about it, the calm of the upper reaches.

1885: Tadpole Bridge, Henry Taunt -

Tadpole Bridge, Henry Taunt, 1885
Tadpole Bridge, Henry Taunt, 1885
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; HT4281

Lantern Slide (1883-1908) -Tadpole Bridge
Pictures by W.C.Hughes. Thanks to Pat Furley, research by Dr Wilson.
This bridge was identified as "Faringdon Bridge"

1920:  Fred Thacker -

A late 18th century stone bridge of one large commodious arch. This always seems to me the Cinderella amongst the bridges.
The Left bank still contains some broken stonework at the head of the quite distinguishable pool a very little below [Tadpole] bridge.

Trout at Tadpole Map 1920
Fred Thacker's map, 1920.

1929: A Thames Survey -

Tadpole Bridge carries the road from Burford and Bampton which joins the Faringdon - Oxford main road near Buckland. The present bridge, possibly the first at this point, was erected at the end of the eighteenth century: it is of stone with one large arch. The 1894 flood-mark shown on many of the Thames bridges appears on this bridge above the level of the surrounding meadows, but below the top of the embankments. There is a causeway approach on the Oxford bank.

Tadpole Bridge, 2004
Tadpole Bridge, 2004.

Tadpole Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005
Tadpole Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005

There are references to Winnie Weg's Weir and also Lower Rudge's or Rushey Weir which may have been near here.