Known to river users as Greenbank - an unmanaged bank with trees and shrubs and roots protruding in a way that occasionally causes grief to racing rowing boats in the bumps.
RIGHT bank island bordering the Isis (Thames) between the old blocked 3rd mouth of the Cherwell and the 2nd main Cherwell Cut, opposite Longbridges
Aston's Eyot is really more an Eyot of the River Cherwell whose water surrounds it (just!)

Aston's Eyot, the Kidneys and Meadow Lane Nature Park

These are 3 reserves on the east side of the Thames between the mouth of the Cherwell and Iffley Lock.
Aston's Eyot is the first (going north to south) and has entrances at the bottom end of Jackdaw Lane and in the Kidneys.
The Kidneys is next to Aston's Eyot, and is entered directly from Meadow Lane.
Meadow Lane Park is a small area to the south of Donnington Bridge Road, between Salter's boatyard and Boundary Brook.
There is no official mooring on this side of the river, but small boats can tie up for picnics and to watch regattas.

Friends of Aston's Eyot -

Aston's Eyot is a 30 acre (12ha.) 'island' bordered by the Thames, Cherwell New Cut and Shire Lake Ditch, approached from Meadow Lane via the Kidneys across a footbridge, or off Iffley Road down Jackdaw Lane past the scrapyard. The land is owned by Christ Church college.
Until the mid-19th century the land was low-lying riverside water meadow, used as a mixture of pasture and market garden. From late Victorian times until the 1940s it was used as a rubbish tip.
Since then, over the past 6 decades it has developed into a mosaic of habitats: some woodland (both plantation & spontaneous) but most is open or scrub, both of which will gradually develop into woodland if not managed.
Many people enjoy Aston's Eyot and the Kidneys Nature Park for a quiet stroll, dog walking, running, bird-watching, harvesting wild fruit, picnicking by the river etc., spotting a deer if they're lucky.
However some of Aston's Eyot is overgrown, paths have been being lost and there are often issues with rough sleepers. Practical action is needed on an ongoing basis to enhance the area and keep the mix of open areas, scrub and woods that has wide local appeal.
Christ Church College kindly allow Friends of Aston's Eyot to do management work on the site. Oxford City Council have an agreement with the College to undertake regular mowing of the main paths, which is very much appreciated by walkers.