Long bridge (pedestrian) over a weir channel on the LEFT (west) bank upstream of (north of) Donnington Road Bridge.
Left and RIGHT banks are now identified as going UPSTREAM

TIMMS BOATHOUSE - Longbridges:

St Catz Boat Club

St Catherine's College Boat club website

The St Catherine's College Boat club (SCCBC) has a boathouse at Longbridges on the river Isis, about 10 minutes bike ride from College. In addition to racking space for up to nine VIIIs and our other smaller boats, Catz has its own clubroom with a kitchen, changing rooms, toilets and a shower, and shared use of the boathouse ergometer (rowing machine) room.

Mansfield College Boat club

Mansfield College Boat Club website

The club was founded in 1965 and has gone from strength to strength since. April 1997 saw the opening of the new boathouse at Timm's, about a 25 minute walk from Mansfield College itself, which we occupy with Hertford, St Catherine's, St Hilda's, St Benet's and Templeton. We share a club room and bay with St. Hilda's College Boat Club, with whom we traditionally have good relations.
The Longbridges Boathouse is an excellent vantage point for all regattas on the Isis, with bumps, crashes and even overtaking manoeuvres seen from it which those up stream could only dream of watching. With the OURCs Race Desk also situated here we find ourselves in the middle of all the action.
On July 4th 2005 we suffered an arson attack on our boathouse in which the majority of our equipment was destroyed ... Thanks to the efforts of the committee, college and the generosity of our alumni we have replaced our old equipment with newer, better boats and two new sets of blades.
MCBC has a long history full of blood and toil, as can be vouched for by the legendary Bill Thompson who coached for many years at the club and can be seen down at the river every year giving each crew an extra cheer. Mansfield's most famous rower was Donald MacDonald, the President of OUBC in the mutiny year of 1987, the events of which have been immortalised in the film 'True Blue'.

Hertford College Boat Club

Hertford Boat Club website is here

St Hilda's Boat Club

St Benet's Boat Club

St Benet's Boat Club website

Green Templeton College Boat Club


Canoists' guide to the Double Weir (downstream under the Long Bridges)

1906: G.E.Mitton -

where a branch of the river runs off to the west are the bathing places. This branch is crossed by a bridge, and it makes the next strip of land (downstream) an island. The place is known as the Long Bridges.

1965: Long Bridges Bathing -

Long Bridges Bathing, 1965
Long Bridges Bathing, 1965
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; D253174a

2005: One of the Long Bridges

2005: One of the Long Bridges
2005: One of the Long Bridges