Bend 300m north of Donnington Road Bridge.
This may not at first look like too much of a challenge - but a narrow boat going upstream needs to be careful of the trees, and if another boat coming downstream cuts the corner at all there can be problems.
For the cox of a racing rowing eight during the bumps, steering a 60 foot boat with a 4 inch rudder, going at about 11mph, with another boat behind you out of sight because you daren't look round, (but obviously, by the sound of it, only inches away), the ability to steer your blade tips in just deep enough water close to the bank on the shortest racing line, whilst the entire world - well forty or so supporters - are shouting at you - is not given to everybody. But, if and when, it works and your boat is not bumped but goes on to make a bump, it can be a glorious feeling. Conversely it does all go wrong from time to time, painfully wrong - and banks and bushes and trees - and oarspersons - can be so unforgiving ... (at least that's what you think at the time!)

See Freshmans River for a catastrophic coxing mistake!