1860: BOATRACE - Cambridge by 1 length. See Boatrace 1860s
1860: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Balliol

"Smith of Maudlin" by Walter Thornbury (1828-1876) - excerpt -

The boats are out!—the arrowy rush,
The mad bull’s jerk, the tiger’s strength;
The Balliol men have wopped the Queen’s —
Hurrah! but only by a length.
Dig on, ye muffs; ye cripples, dig!
Pull blind, till crimson sweats the skin;—
The man who bobs and steers cries, "Oh
For plucky Smith of Maudlin!"

1861: BOATRACE - Oxford by 48 seconds. See Boatrace 1860s
1861: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Trinity

First night: Corpus bumped Oriel, which did not at once acknowledge and were driven into the bank; two total wrecks were the consequence.

1862: BOATRACE - Oxford by 30 seconds. See Boatrace 1860s
1862: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Trinity

1863: BOATRACE - Oxford by 45 seconds. See Boatrace 1860s
1863: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Trinity
The Oxford Commemoration 1863: The Procession of Boats -

1863: Procession of Boats
1863: The Oxford Commemoration: The Procession of Boats

1864: BOATRACE - Oxford by 27 seconds. See Boatrace 1860s
1864: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Trinity
The distance between boats reduced to 130 feet. Christchurch were stopped by a blockade of boats, and Pembroke rowed past, but would not claim the bump.
Lewis Carroll's Diary:

6 May 1864
Walked on the other side of the river, and met Ina, Alice and Edith, with Miss Prickett: we inspected the new 'grand stand' intended for spectators of the boat-races. Went down to the races, and saw Christ Church bump Magdalen.

1865: BOATRACE - Oxford by 4 lengths. See Boatrace 1860s
Oxford 10, Cambridge 10
1865: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Brasenose

Oxford 1865
The 1865 Oxford boat training on the Isis

Brown, Senhouse, Morrison,
Coventry, Raikes, Schneider, Wood, Henley,

1866: BOATRACE - Oxford by 3 lengths. See Boatrace 1860s
Boat race fictional account in "The Mysteries of Isis" H J Wilmot
1866: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Brasenose

On the third night Corpus bumped Brasenose, and went head. On the next night Brasenose rearranged their crew, moving Shepherd to stroke from 6, changed their boat, and, rowing a very quick stroke, rebumped them at Saunders' Bridge. Corpus took this disappointment in a true sporting spirit, and have left it on record that they were 'hospitably and honourably treated by Brasenose at their bump supper, and afterwards played a cricket-match with them in truly aquatic style, which ended in a tie.'

In 1866 PUNCH produced this cartoon which came to fruition in 2015, since when a Women's Boat Race has been held over the same course -

Boat-Race of the Future - Drifting Down to the Start-Point

1867: BOATRACE - Oxford by half a length. See Boatrace 1860s
1867: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Brasenose
Boating Life at Oxford 1867 has a fictional account of the boat race.

1868: BOATRACE - Oxford by 6 lengths. See Boatrace 1860s
1868: HEAD OF THE RIVER - Corpus

1869: BOATRACE - Oxford by 3 lengths. See Boatrace 1860s
1869: HEAD OF THE RIVER - University College
1869: Oxford four defeat Harvard on the Tideway. Click to see extensive account. It is said there were 250,000 spectators; certainly there were 800 police!
Links: Rowing History Google Books' Harper's New Magazine, 1869 Journal of Sport History

The International Boatrace on the Thames, 27th August, 1869