Lashbrook Eyot

The Island is the right bank opposite Lashbrook, the far side of which is Hennerton Backwater which can be used by small manual boats instead of this section

1881: George Leslie, "Our River" -

The river bends a little way above [the Bolney] islands, and the green lane from Shiplake Station is on the right hand close by;

Site of Former Lashbrook Ferry.
1762:  Rocque's Map: Lys Brk Ferry
1775:  Lord Mayor's View -

The horse was near being lost on account of the soft muddy shore;  after being in the river half-an-hour they fastened the other horses to him and puled him out by the head.

1881: George Leslie, "Our River" -

After the ferry there is nothing noticeable about the stream except its turns and twists, until you reach Wargrave.  The bank fishermen are very fond of the steep cliff banks over the eddies on the tow-path side, and as the punting is good on the other, it is best to keep there.