Hobbs Boatyard
Right Bank 200 yards above Henley Bridge, 01491 572035
boat fuel, hire launches and public boat trips.
Hobbs used to boast of having more boats than the Royal Navy. They probably still do - but its no longer such a proud boast.

On the Left bank is a large house, Thamesfield, which is now a retirement and nursing home.

1881: George Leslie, "Our River" -

I shall now resume our journey up the river, always supposing it to be performed in a punt.  After passing Thamesfield, the comfortable residence of R. A. Cosier, Esq.

Above that on the Left bank is a field in which there used to be parking at regatta times.

Henley Eyot Canoe Centre building a £580,000 new centre on the Left bank.
Also Dragon Boat centre.

Henley Sea Cadets, Left bank