Upper Thames Sailing Club

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1887: The "Bourne End Week" Regatta was instituted.

1899:  Bourne End Marina, Francis Frith -

1899:  Bourne End Marina, Francis Frith
1899:  Bourne End Marina, Francis Frith

1901: The Thames Illustrated by John Leland -

The great open reach at Bourne End is a place to which the thoughts of the up-river sailor are often turned. That he may have a weatherly boat, and an expert and clever crew, is his chief consideration throughout the year. Racing along and around this broad and basin like water has become quite a science, and nothing can be prettier than to watch the white winged craft rounding the buoys, or hugging the wooded shore as they race homeward.
The Upper Thames Sailing Club has a handsome boathouse, and the Bourne End reach is the scene of its operations.

1906: E Mitton -

[Upstream from the Cookham Bridge] we can view the wide expanse of Bourne End, where the races of the Upper Thames Sailing Club are held all the summer, and where, about the end of June, when the great regatta is held, the surface of the water is dotted with swan-like boats.

2006: The Maidenhead Advertiser -

The time-honoured Bourne End Week took place on the River Thames in the last week of May. The event, which dates back more than 100 years, is an inland sailing regatta for dinghies, Merlin Rockets, Wayfarers, Fireflies, International OKs, Classic Inter-national 14s, handicap boats and cadets.
The regatta offers the elegant Thames A Raters an opportunity to sail their national championships for their historic silver trophies. The Queen's Cup, donated to the club by Queen Victoria when her son the Duke of Connaught was president of the club, is the final race of the week, in which these elegant 25ft dinghies with up to 40ft masts collect the wind above the trees and glide along the river.

Neptune figurehead
Neptune figurehead at Upper Thames Sailing Club
I think you can tell where the bowsprit is from the look on his face