Guards Club Island or Bucks Ait

The island is just above the Maidenhead Railway Bridge, effectively on the left (west) Maidenhead side of the river, since the channel is on the Right bank side.

Guards Club Island Footbridge

From the Left bank to the island.
It was previously an Eel Buck.
1880: Bucks Ait Footbridge and Eel Bucks seen from Railway Bridge, Maidenhead Road Bridge in background, Henry Taunt -

Bucks Ait Footbridge, Henry Taunt, 1880
Bucks Ait Footbridge and Eel Bucks, Henry Taunt, 1880
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; HT3119

Maidenhead Footbridge to Bucks Ait
Maidenhead Left bank footbridge to Bucks Ait seen from upstream, Maidenhead Railway Bridge in background
(Closed during nesting season)

Guards Club Park was created by Maidenhead Civic Society to commemorate the Silver Jubilee in 1977 and has been maintained by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead since 1980.
Originally, the Brigade of Guards Club provided recreation for the officers who were stationed at Windsor and Pirbright. A large club house contained a ballroom and in its Victorian heyday, the Guards Club ball attracted debutantes and royalty. Outside there was a swimming pool. croquet lawn and on the island a boathouse.
The unique ornate footbridge, built around 1865, led to the club boathouse on the island. The bridge was rescued by the Maidenhead Civic Society in 1976 and was last renovated in 1997. There is little remaining of the boathouse but the spire now covers the shelter in the park. ...
Through its work on the island, the Royal Borough is helping to enhance the nature conservation value along the River Thames. The island is home to varied wildlife providing nesting sites for swans, moorhen and coot.

Guards Club Island
Guards Club Island as illustrated on the notice near the footbridge