Summerleaze Footbridge

Summerleaze 'Footbridge', built 1992
Summerleaze "Footbridge", built 1992

Summerleaze footbridge is actually a gravel conveyor belt in disguise, taking gravel from the construction of the new Eton College (Dorney) Olympic rowing course.  (That was partly how they paid for the £ 17,000,000 project).
The name "Summerleaze" comes from the firm who built it -

During the 1990's Summerleaze was a lead partner in the construction of the Eton Rowing Lake at Dorney, involving the construction of the lake itself and associated buildings and infrastructure.
The creation of the international-standard lake generated over 4 million tonnes of aggregate over a 10 year period, much of which was transferred by conveyor across the Thames for processing at the Summerleaze plant at Bray. As a result, many lorry movements were removed from the narrow roads around Dorney. Meanwhile, the bridge which carried the conveyor over the river has doubled as a valuable new pedestrian and cycle link between the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire banks of the river.
The project is an excellent example of co-operation between industry, public bodies and a leading education establishment, which has achieved mutual benefits and created new leisure opportunities for the public.

Summerleaze Footbridge, Doug Myers © 2005
Summerleaze Footbridge, Doug Myers © 2005