Windsor Marina

Windsor Marina website (175 berths) is between Bray and Boveney Locks on the Left bank upstream of the 90 degree bend (Ruddles Pool)

Windsor Marina lies in a tranquil garden setting, with a large river frontage for easy mooring, this 175 berth marina is one of the most attractive marinas on the Thames. There’s an active club, The Windsor Yacht Club, with a full programme of social events along with boat training lessons and boat handling competitions.
There are extensive facilities and services on site as well as fuel, enabling you to fill up as and when you need.

Oakley Court

Now a hotel on the Left bank between the Marina and Queen's Eyot.

Lantern Slide (1883-1908) - Oakley Court
Pictures by W.C.Hughes. Thanks to Pat Furley, research by Dr Wilson.