Albert Bridge, Southlea Road, B3021

Albert Bridge

B3021. Not to be confused with Albert Bridge London.

1850:  A barge collided with “the second improvement bridge below Windsor Pound".
1851:  Albert Bridge is said to have been designed by Prince Albert.  It bears a plaque inscribed -

The Albert Bridge, so called by permission of
The Most Gracious Majesty The Queen
and the Royal Highness Prince Albert, 1851.

1859: The Thames, Mr & Mrs Hall

The bridge, which has its companion a mile or so [up] the stream — the [Victoria] Bridge WTSWG — was built in 1851, from the design of Thomas Page, Esq., civil engineer, the acting engineer of the Thames Tunnel, and the engineer for Westminster Bridge.

1880: Albert Bridge, Henry Taunt -

Albert Bridge, Henry Taunt, 1880
Albert Bridge, Henry Taunt, 1880
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; HT02840

1881:  George Leslie, "Our River" -

Nothing in cast-iron could well be uglier than the two royal bridges which cross the river here.  Surely, with so fine a castle in the background, the idea of good stone or brick bridges might have suggested itself to the proper authorities, whoever they may have been.

1885: The Royal River, the Albert Bridge -

Albert Bridge, 1885
Albert Bridge, 1885

1885: Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames -

Windsor Home Park - an iron bridge of elegant design.

1914:  Albert Bridge was damaged, and Fred Thacker says there were rumours of the intended rebuilding of this bridge;  “a work if really contemplated, doubtless delayed by the European War”.

"The Thames from the Towpath" by E K W Ryan (1938) -

One day, some years back [it must have been between 1914 and 1927] we were on Albert Bridge when it was in a very dilapidated condition, and a road-mender told us that the bridge had "broke 'er back" and, owing to the great cost and a dispute between the two counties, it had not yet been repaired.
We saw a char-à-bancs [sic] turned back because it exceeded the weight limit of twenty-five hundredweight all told, and our friend, referring to the man in charge of the bridge, said to us:
"I would'n 'ave 'is job not for thirty bob a day.
Them drivers curses 'im somethin' orful.
T'other day two gen'lmen with a coach 'ops off an' well nigh chucks 'im in the river, they did, 'cause 'e would'n let 'em pass.
'E didden 'arf like it, 'e diddent.
No; I would'n 'av 'is job not for thirty bob a day."

1927:  Albert Bridge demolished and completely rebuilt.

1929: A Thames Survey -

Albert Bridge, Old Windsor, erected in recent years, of stone and concrete, consists of two large arches of uneven spans and one small arch; stone balustrade.

Albert Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005
Albert Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005

Windsor Home Park

Left bank above Albert Bridge
Frogmore Gardens; Royal Mausoleum; Frogmore House; The Aviary; Prince Consort's Home Farm.
Evergreen Oak Avenue: The nearest track on the Left bank coming down to the river immediately above Albert Bridge

Reservoir Intake,Right bank

Planned LTFRMS Section 1 Intake Right Bank

Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy Section 1 intake (Planned)