Above Sunbury Lock is a lock cut, the right bank of which is Sunbury Lock Island.
Then comes the big Sunbury Weir which runs from the lock Island to Wheatley's Ait.
That is a right bank long narrow ait the far side of which is Thames water flowing, joined by the River Ash.
Then there is a small weir joining it to another right bank island - which made me look for another name for the upstream section, (and the road name "Beasley's Ait" seemed a likely suspect) however the old OS maps show that the central weir is relatively new and the whole is correctly called Wheatley's Ait.

OS Map 1898 showing just the one ait. The central weir has not yet been made.

Wheatleys Ait in 1898

Wheatley's Ait

Right bank above the weir

Sunbury, Mortimer Menpes, 1906
Sunbury, Mortimer Menpes, 1906

In the next reach when I punted from Lechlade to Teddington I saw the only other moving punts on the whole river.  They were a rather effete inbred branch of the family having shrunk to little more than a foot wide and occupying themselves by racing up and down a hundred yard course.