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Lot's Ait is in the London borough of Hounslow.
Notice that Lot's Ait is separated by thick, shifting mud at low tide from Brentford (as opposed to the dredged channels around the Brentford Aits).
On the PLA chart underlined figures are "negative depths" - in other words heights above chart datum which is the normal lowest tide.

Goat Wharf

Goat Creek

Soaphouse Creek

Ferry Point

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Liquidity is a large stainless steel sculpture by Simon Packard. Facing it from the river, the Grand Union Canal entrance (River Brent) is to the left.
It can be seen in one of the Streetview views above.

The 'Liquidity' sculpture was created by Simon Packard and erected on Ferry Point, Brentford in 2002. It is made of stainless steel, six metres high and nine metres long. It is three waves, on their side, of shining steel with engraved shoals of fish weaving across the flow. The cuts go right through the metal, so that light shines through from within like a lantern.
The sculpture was commissioned by the developers (Rialto and Fairview) of the new Ferry Quay flats ...