Environment Agency Thames Gauges Thames Gauges (Map with links)
     Teddington Downstream Example of Thames Gauge
Coastal Monitoring UK Map, select Measurement type wave buoys or tide gauges('latest' may have 5 second update).
     Herne Bay      Example of 5 second update from Coastal Monitoring
     South Knock Buoy      Example Wavenet Map, sea conditions at South Knock from Coastal Monitoring
Flemish Bank Belgian gauges (only 30 day graphs working?)
     Ostend      Example 30 day graph Ostend
MET charts UK Meteorological Office weather charts
MUMM Management Unit of the north sea Mathematical Models (Belgian) home page
     Forecasts      Levels, wind, wave heights, temperatures; Animations; Maps
     Sheerness      Example Sheerness forecast (NB MSL = Mean Sea Level)
PLA: Port of London Authority Home Page
     Tides Overview      Current Tideway Levels in one table with links to graphs
     Handbook 2013      Hand book 2014
     Ship Movements      Ship Movements
     Thames Tide Tables      Tide Tables
NTSLF: UK National Tidal and Sea Level Facility home page
     Online Gauges      44 UK tidal gauges online
     NTSLF forecasts      UK Surge Model forecasts every six hours
     NTSLF tide tables      UK tide tables
Sea Level Monitoring: World Map
     World List      646 tidal gauges listed
     UK 10 sec gauges      9 UK gauges with readings every 10 seconds
     UK all gauges      49 UK gauges
Rijkswaterstaat: Holland Tidal gauges map with links