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  A View of London   1804   Full view:,M1
  The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
  British Association for the advancement of Science, Report   1835   Tides:,M1
  Grand Panorama of London from the Thames: 12 foot version [Motco] 1845
  Grand Panorama of London from the Thames: 18 foot version [Motco] 1849
  Guide to the Waterways (1) Nicholson 2003 ISBN: 0-00-713664-1 Chelmer & Blackwater, Grand Union Canal, Lee & Stort Navigations, Oxford Canal, River Medway, River Thames, Wendover Arm of GU.
  Map of London Stanford [Motco] 1862
  Guide to the Waterways (1) Nicholson 2003 ISBN: 0-00-713670-6 Basingstoke Canal, Bridgwater & Taunton Canal, Exeter Ship Canal, Grand Western Canal, Kennet & Avon Canal, River Thames, River Wey.
  Henley Guide   1826   Full view:,M1
  Inland Waterways Map Nicholson 2003 ISBN-10: 0007136722 ISBN-13: 978-0007136728 England, Scotland & Wales
  New Sporting Magazine   1837   Pair-oar challenge Oxford to Westminster:,M1
  Ordnance Survey Guide to the Thames Nicholson 1994 ISBN-10: 0702825808 ISBN-13: 978-0702825804 176 pages
  MOTCO LONDON IMAGE DATABASE     Superb index to many old pictures and prints:
  MOTCO GREAT BRITAIN IMAGE DATABASE     Superb index to many old pictures and prints:
  Parterre   1823   Volume 2:,M1
  Picturesque England   1880
  Poetical Register   1807   Ode near Eton:,M1
  Prospects of Westminster & London [Motco] 1710 [click on Plates & Images on left]
  River Thames Handbook NRA 1985?    
  River Thames Map Stanford 1976    
  Salter’s Guide to the Thames        
  Thames and its Story, From the Cotswolds to the Nore Cassell 1906 ASIN: B0015IQ8IO With about 100 illustrations and 14 maps.
  Thames Book TYC      
  Thames Tunnel   1825,M1
Ackerley, Charles Henry Plan for the better security of vessels navigating the river Thames   1834
Ackerman Microcosm of London [Motco] 1808 [Click Plates and Images on left]
Adams, Anna Thames: An Anthology of River Poems Enitharmon Press 1999 ISBN 1 900564 46 7  
Allen, Thomas History and Antiquities of Lambeth   1827   Full view:
Ashby-Sterry, Joseph Thames items from The Lazy Minstrel   1887
Ashby-Sterry, Joseph The Lazy Minstrel   1887 2008 ISBN 9780548744376  
Atkinson, Mary Thames-side Book Osprey 1973 ISBN: 0850451078 112pp
Atterbury, Paul & Haines, Anthony Thames Cassell 1998 ISBN 1-84188-175-9 From the Source to the Sea
Ball, E & PW Holiday Cruising On The Thames David & Charles 1970 ISBN: 0715347748 149pp
Banks, F R The Thames Valley, The Chilterns and Oxford Letts Motor Tour Guides 1969   64 pages. Sketch maps.
Bell, Walter G The Great Fire of London in 1666 Bodley Head 1923 1994 ISBN: 1 85891 219 9  
Belloc, Hilaire Historic Thames O M Dent & Sons 1914
Belloc, Hilaire River of London   1912   145 pages, 1 illustration
Bew, John Tour Round London   1807,M1
Biden, William Downing History – of Kingston-upon-Thames   1852,M1
Birch G H London on Thames in Bygone Days Seeley & Co 1903   90 pages many illustrations
Bolland, R R Victorians on the Thames   1974 ISBN: 0-85936-045-8 128pp 100 Victorian prints & photos
Boney, Revd Prof Royal River: Cassell 1885   Henley to Maidenhead
Richmond to Battersea
Boydell History of the Thames [Motco] 1794-6 [click on Plates and Images on left]
Boys, Thomas Shotter London as it is [Motco] 1842 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Brayley, Edward Wedlake Beauties of England   1810   London:,M1  Volume 1: Volume X pat 3,M1
Brayley, Edward Wedlake Londiniana   1829   Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:,M1
Burke, Edmund Annual Register Rivingtons 18231860   1823 – Very low tide:
1860 - Collapse of Walton Bridge:,M1
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Christie, Thomas Analytical Review …   1793   Review of Ireland’s Picturesque Views:,M1
Cleaver, Hylton History of Rowing Herbert Jenkins 1957    
Colquhoun, Patrick Treatise on the Commerce and Police of the River Thames   1800,M1
Cooke, William Bernard The Thames   1811   Volume 1:,M1
Volume 2:
Cooke, William Bernard Views on the Thames [Motco] 1822 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Cooke, William Bernard Views in London and its Vicinity [Motco] 1826- 1834 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Cornish, C J Naturalist on the Thames   1902
Cove-Smith River Thames Book Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson 1998 ISBN 0 85288 620 9 218pp  Cricklade to the Thames barrier plus the River Wey, Basingstoke Canal and part of the Kennet & Avon.
Cruchley, G.F. Picture of London   1842   Full text:,M1
Cruickshank, Robert Sketches of – Tunnel -   1829
Curtis, Roy Thames Passport Macdonald 1970   188 pages. Delightful guide to the non-tidal part of the River Thames, from Lechlade to Teddington
Daniell, William Voyage Round Great Britain [Motco] 1823 [click on Plates & Images on left]
De Mar, Eric Time on the Thames Architectural Press 1952   238pp  A guide to the river by this well known waterways writer and photographer. 127 photographs plus other illustrations
Ditchfield, P H Vanishing England   1910
Dodd, Christopher Henley Royal Regatta Stanley Paul 1989 ISBN 0 09 172801 0 150th anniversary
Dodd, Christopher Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race Stanley Paul 1983 ISBN 0 09 151340 5 1829 - 1982
Doerflinger, Frederic Slow Boat through England.   1970 ISBN-10: 0863791190
ISBN-13: 978-0863791192
Drinkwater, G.C.  Boat Race Blackie & Son 1939   1829 - 1938
Eade, Brian Along the Thames Alan Sutton 1997 ISBN 0 7509 1543 9 126pp The non-tidal river with over 200 historic views and text
Eddy, Clyde Voyaging Down the Thames Frederick Stokes 1938   317pp an intimate account of a voyage 200 miles across England, Down the River of Liquid history the Thames.
Eyre, Frank & Hadfield, Charles English Rivers and Canals Collins 1945   48pp
Fidler, Kathleen The Thames in Story Epworth 1971    
Flintoff, Eddie Punting to Islip Old School Press 1994 ISBN 0 9522335 2 5 ISBN 9522335 3 3 Poem – 30 special on boards with Suminagashi paper and 135 ordinary printed on Kawanaka Ivory Paper
Forester, C S Hornblower and the Atropos Penguin 1953 ISBN-10: 0140081771
ISBN-13: 978-0140081770
FICTION. Hornblower steers a horse drawn narrow boat (at 11mph!) down the Thames & Severn Canal and  Flash weirs on the Thames, and then supervises Nelson’s funeral on the Thames
Fox Smith, Cicely Thames Side yesterdays   1931   45pp
Fraser, Maxwell The Thames Valley in Pictures Thames Valley Art 1950s? ASIN: B00182B1EI Undated. Black & White photos and map 
Gedge, Paul Thames Journey Harrap 1949   A book for boat-campers and lovers of the river
Gibbings, Robert Sweet Thames Run Softly Dent 1940   230pp
Gibbings, Robert Till I End My Song Dent 1957   234pp  The story of a move to a Berkshire village that allows the author to enrich his knowledge of part of the Thames
Gilpin, William Observations as to Picturesque Beauty …   1772   Thames:,M1
Goldsack, Paul River Thames: in the footsteps of the famous Bradt Travel Guides 2002 ISBN 1841620440 B&W cartoons & maps
Gordon, Colin Beyond the Looking Glass Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1944 1982   246pp Behind the Alice stories
Gregory, Olinthus Mathematics for Practical men   1834   Tides at Old London Bridge:,M1
Griffiths, Roger Description of the River Thames   1758,M1
Hadfield, Charles British Canals David & Charles 1952 1979 ISBN: 071537852X 362pp
Hall, S.C, Mr & Mrs Book of the Thames Arthur James 1859
  516pp  Written 1859.  Reprint 1976 with many engravings of wild life and scenery.
Online text
Harris, Mollie Stripling Thames (Source to Oxford) Sutton 1994 ISBN-10: 0750904038
ISBN-13: 978-0750904032
Harrison, Ian Thames from Source to Sea Collins 2004 ISBN 0007162111 Overhead photos of the whole river
Hassell, John Picturesque … excursions by water …   1818   Volume 1:,M1 Volume 2:,M1
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (An American touring England)   1863
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Passages-From-the-English-Notebooks   1853
Higgins, Walter Father Thames Stokes 1923 ASIN: B0006AJ3HU
Holinshed Chronicles of England   1586   Description of Thames at
Homann, Johann Baptist Prospect and Map of London [Motco] 1705
Hughes, T Tom Brown at Oxford   1861 published 1879   Full book -
Rowing excerpts –
Hughson, David London   1808   Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:,M1
Volume 5:,M1
Volume 6:
Hughson, David London, History and description   1805   Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:,M1
Ingram, James Memorials of Oxford       Volume 1:
Volume 2, Magdalen Bridge:
Volume 3,  Folly Bridge. Bacon's Folly, Iffley Mill, Binsey, Medley:
Ireland, Samuel Picturesque Views on the River Thames   1792 -   Volume 1, Source to Cliveden:
Volume 2:
Irwin, John & Herbert, Jocelyn Sweete Themmes Max Parrish 1951   An Anthology with prints
Jefferies, Richard Open Air (The Modern Thames)   1885
Jenkins, Alan Thames MacMillan 1983 ISBN 0 333 36049 4  
Jerome K Jerome Three Men in a Boat   1886?   Full text: Log (all the funny bits left out!)
Jones, Sydney R Thames Triumphant Studio 1943    
Knight ,Charles Windsor Guide   1825   Full view:,M1
Knight, Charles Penny Cyclopaedia   1842,M1
Lambert, B History & Survey of London   1806   Volume 1 [frosts]: Volume 2:  Volume 3 (full view?)
Lang, Andrew Oxford   1906   Full text:
Leigh, Samuel New Pictures of England …   1820   Full view:
Leslie, George Our River   1881   Full text and prints: 
Lewis, C S All my road before me: Diary 1922-27       He was a young post-graduate aged 23, just beginning to enjoy life in Oxford after the first war. He later became one of the most popular Christian writers of the twentieth century.
MacColl, D Royal River   1885   Oxford to Abingdon
Mackay, Charles In Bentley’s Miscellany   1829   Rambles among the Rivers: [SEVERAL],M1
Mackay, Charles Thames & its Tributaries   1840   Volume 1 [London Bridge to Oxford]:  Volume 2 [Above Oxford.then  Below London Bridge]:,M1
Malton Picturesque Tour [Motco] 1792   Old pictures and prints [click on Plates and Images on left]:
Manning, E.F. Delightful Thames   1900
Mathias, Thomas James Shade of Alexander Pope on the banks of the Thames   1800
Mee, Arthur Oxfordshire   1942    
Menpes, Mortimer & G.E.Mitton Thames   1906   Watercolours
Moritz, Charles Travels-in-England-in-1782   1782
Morris, William News from Nowhere   1890
Nicholson, William A Journal of natural Philosophy   1799   Thames Tunnel:,M1
Nicols, John Illustration of the Literary History of the 18th century   1822,M1
Ollier, Edmund Royal River Cassell 1885   Battersea to London Bridge
Oulton  W,C Traveller’s Guide   1805   Volume 1:,M1 Volume 2:,M1
Papworth Select Views of London [Motco] 1816 [Click Plates & Images on left]
Parrott, William London from the Thames [Motco] 1842 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Peacock, Thomas Love Genius of the Thames   1810   Full view:,M1  Full text:
Peel, J.H.B Portrait Of The Thames   1976   From Teddington To The Source
Penderell-Brodhurst J Royal River Cassell 1885   Abingdon to Streatley
& Hampton to Richmond
Percy,  Reuben Mirror of Literature   1832 1836   1832:,M1 1836:,M1
Percy, Sholto Iron   1837   Tunnel:,M1
Percy, Sholto & Reuben London   1824,M1
Phillips (Bonhams) Traditional River Craft And Ephemera   1997,1998, 2002   Illustrated Auction Catalogues
Pilkington, Roger Small Boat on the Thames Macmillan 1966   238pp Illustrated.
Pitt, John William River Thames A Descriptive Poem (Author) 1939   77pp Poem with BW photos
Prichard, Mari & Carpenter, Humphrey A Thames Companion Oxford Illustrated Press 1975   194pp
Priestley, Joseph Historical Account of navigable Rivers …   1831,M1
Ravenstein E.G. Oarsman's & Angler's Map Of The River Thames   1893 1991 ISBN: 1873590016 From Its Source To London Bridge
Reade, Charles Hard Cash Kessinger 1868 2004 ISBN 1419122800, 9781419122804 Full text: River excerpts:   
Rivington, R T Punting (Book)   1983 ISBN 0-9508045-2-5ISBN 0-9508045-1-7 240pp
Rivington, R T Punts And Punting (Booklet)   1982 ISBN 0-9508045-0-9 32pp Selected extracts from the larger book, with additional illustrations
Roberts, Chris Cross River Traffic Granta Books 2005 ISBN 1-86207-800-9 A History of London's Bridges. 196pp  London's seventeen bridges
Rodgers, John English Rivers Batsford 1947    
Runciman, J Royal River   1885   Gravesend to the Nore
Ryan, E K W Thames from the Towpath St Catherine 1938   Putney to Thames Head
Salter, Thomas Frederick Anglers’ Guide Sherwood 1825   Thames:,M1
Sampson, Aylwin Winning Waters, The Homes of Rowing Hale 1986    
Schutz Wilson, H Royal River   1885   Maidenhead to Windsor
Senior, W Royal River   1885   Above Oxford, and also Streatley to Henley
Sharp, David Thames Path     ISBN 1 84513 062 6 Official National Trail Guide with OS 1:25,000 map extracts, detailed route descriptions,
Shepherd and Elmes Metropolitan Improvements [Motco] 1827- 1830 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Silliman, Benjamin Journal of Travels   1809   Full view:,M1 
Silliman, Benjamin Journal of Travels in England -   1812   1805-6: [Volume 1],M1 1809: [Volume 1],M1 1820:  [volume 2/3],M1
Skrine, Henry Rivers of Note   1801,M1
Skyscan & Duncan  MacKay The Secret Thames   1992 ISBN 10: 0091753619
ISBN 13: 9780091753610
Captive Balloon Aerial Photography, and text by Duncan Mackay, Commodore of Henley Sailing Club
Smollett, Tobias George Critical Review   1801   1805   Cliveden:,M1  Improvements in navigation:,M1
Southey, Robert Letters from England   1836,M1
Taylor, Julia Isham Down the Thames in Victorian Days Harvard 1939   73pp.  A trip on the Thames in 1886
Thacker, Fred S Stripling Thames
Thacker, Fred S Thames Highway. Volume I David & Charles 1914 1968   832pp
Thacker, Fred S Thames Highway. Volume II Locks & Weirs David & Charles 19201968    
Thomson, Richard Chronicles of London Bridge   1827,M1
Thorne, James Rambles by Rivers   1849   Volume 1:  
Tomalin, Harry Henley-on-Thames Barracuda 1975 ISBN 10: 0860230082
ISBN 13: 9780860230083
Trench, Frederick William Collection of papers relating to the Thames quay   1827
Trotter Topography of thirty miles around London [Motco] 1839 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Vincent, J E Story of the Thames   1909    
Wack, Henry Wellington In Thames land Knickerbocker 1906   Cruises and Rambles through England from the Sources of the Thames to the Sea. An American on the Thames. 375pp. Photos by Frith and Taunt.
Wade, W M Walks in Oxford   1818
Wallington, Mark Boogie up the River   1989 ISBN 10: 0091738334
ISBN 13: 9780091738334
One Man and his Dog to the Source of the Thames
Walton, A London to Oxford   1829,M1
Waters, Brian Thirteen Rivers to the Thames Dent 1964   Thirteen Tributaries
Waters, Tony Bridge by bridge through London Pryor 1989 ISBN-10: 094601406X ISBN-13: 978-0946014064 Thames from Tower Bridge to Teddington
Watson, Aaron Royal River   1885   London Bridge to Gravesend
Weightman, Gavin London River Collins & Brown 1990 ISBN 1 85585 075 3 The Thames Story, A major LWT television series
Westall & Owen Picturesque Tour of the Thames [Motco] 1828 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Wheals, Brian Brenchley There’s were but human hearts   1984   Marlow & Hedsor:
Williams, Nigel Two and a half Men in a Boat Hodder & Stoughton 1993 ISBN-10: 0340590475 ISBN-13: 9780340590478  
Wilson, David Gordon Making of the Middle Thames Spurbooks 1973 ISBN-10: 0904978230 ISBN-13: 978-0904978230  
Wood Views in London, Westminster and its Vicinities [Motco] 1838- 1838 [click on Plates & Images on left]
Wood, Revd J G River-boating   1900
Wordsworth Turner, Godfrey Royal River   1885   Windsor to Hampton
Wykeham-Martin How to Build a Thames Punt   1919   Plans (in Punts by  Rivington)
Wykes, Alan An Eye on the Thames Jarrolds 1966    

Reports etc

Thames Waterway Plan, 2006
Thames Waterway Plan Progress, 2007

Digitized Books

A Thames Library, Google
These books are largely 19th century and are FULL VIEW ie complete with all text and prints.
Note that some of these books may only have small sections relevant to the river. After clicking on the book enter Thames in the box next to SEARCH IN THIS BOOK and click GO.

SCRIBD Thames documents. If you don't know why a book is there then search within it for "Thames". Add any you think worthwhile!


Many Historic maps of London

Books on the Internet

Abebooks Search for Thames Books - fantastic bargains & rubbish & expensive rare books
Amazon Book Search
The Naturalist on the Thames, C.J.Cornish, full text
Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K Jerome, full text
My Holidays on Inland Waterways 1916 P Bonthron
Britain's Waterways Brian Roberts

Books on my site

A Thames Librarymy list of Thames Books
1578: Holinshed's Description of the Thames
1810: The Genius of the Thames by Thomas Love Peacock
1840: The Thames and its Tributaries Volume 1 by Charles Mackay. [6.5 Mbyte] Volume 2 [7.5 Mbyte]
1861/1879: River excerpts from Tom Brown at Oxford T Hughes
1863: American tourist near OxfordNathaniel Hawthorne
1868: Rowing excerpts (Henley Regatta)from Hard Cash by Charles Reade
1881: Our River, George Leslie [ 37 Megabytes with his lovely prints ]
1886: Thames Lays from The Lazy Minstrel J. Ashby-Sterry
1889: The Log of Three Men in a Boat, The book with all the funny bits left out ( sad! )
1891: Boating Life on the Upper Thames by F. Campbell Moller, M. D.
1909: The Stripling Thames by Fred S Thacker
1919: How to Build a Thames Punt by Captain R.F. Wykeham-Martin
1919: River Boating 1850s - The Art of Rowing - (before slides) types of boats, terms, style etc

My Documents

Me and Water by John Eade
How to Punt by John Eade starting with Oxford Punting
Thames Poems A collection of 70 Thames related Poems (includes Ashby-Sterry)
Weather on a small open river boat

Punting Links

Punting at Cambridge
Punting at St John's College, Cambridge
Punting at Oxford
Oxford University Punting Society
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting Club
Punting in France
Punting in Germany
More punting in Germany and try German punt?
Punting in Holland and before you say 'sailing punts aren't real punts' scroll down the page a bit!
Punting in New Zealand

Slipways and Mooring and Camping Links

Commercial Slipways
Thames Moorings
Thames Camp Sites Leaflet

Societies, Organisations and Clubs

Oxford Rowing ClubsClick on interactive map
Amateur Rowing Association
Dittons Skiff and Punting Club
Kingston Rowing Club
Oxford University Rowing Clubs FLOOD WARNINGS FOR ISIS
River Thames Society
Rowing Service
Longridge Centre
Thames Landscape Strategy - Hampton to Kew
Thames Traditional Boat Society
Thames Vintage Boat Club


Henley Royal Regatta
Thames Traditional Boat Rally (July)
Wargrave & Shiplake Regatta (August)


London Party Boat Hire and other River Thames related information
Lighthouse E-clips, the lighthouses of the Thames
Thames Pilot
Northmoor Trust
Up River Angels Guide To The Non-Tidal Thames From Teddington to Abingdon
River details (Jim Shead)
Floating Down the River with the Harts
The Thames Path Project
The River Thames Guide
Trailboaters Thames Guide
Visit Thames - Environment Agency


MOTCO Pictures
History of the Thames Boydell 1794-96
Cooke's Views of the Thames, 1822 W.B Cooke & G.Cooke
Picturesque Tour of the Thames 1828 Westall & Owens
Thames Bridges 1996 - 2005 Doug Myers' site
Thames PicturesAshley Bryant
JET Photographic (Rowing Photographer)


The River and Rowing Museum, Henley
Visit Henley-on-Thames
Salter's Steamers

Pubs / Hotels / Restaurants

Compare hotels and rates - Cheap, Luxury, Boutique and Spa hotels.
Swan Inn, Ditton
The Ferry, Cookham
Henley 'Where to stay'
green Lion, Henley
Angel on the Bridge, Henley
St George & Dragon, Wargrave
Sonning Restaurants
Swan at Streatley
Beetle & Wedge, Moulsford
Shillingford Bridge Hotel
Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden
Kings Arms, Sandford
Head of the River, Folly Bridge, Oxford
The Perch, Binsey
Trout Inn, Godstow
Ferryman, Bablock Hythe
Rose Revived, Newbridge
Swan Inn, Radcot
Trout Inn, Tadpole Bridge
Plough, Kelmscott
Trout Inn, St Johns Lechlade
green Lion, Castle Eaton
Thames Head Pub