(Radcot Right Island)

The right bank island opposite the Cradle Footbridge. There are three main islands at Radcot. The other two are on the Swan Inn page.


Left bank footbridge over the downstream end of the backwater which passes under Old Radcot Bridge. Only small boats can pass under this bridge and this defines the size of boat that can pass the old stream under the old Radcot Bridge.

Radcot Cradle Footbridge
Radcot Cradle Footbridge over the backwater downstream of the Old Radcot Bridge.

Aerial View Upstream from Radcot Lock
Aerial View Upstream from Radcot Lock.

Site of Monk's Mill

Monk's Mill, somewhere near Radcot Cradle Footbridge.
1492: A watermill  with fishery at Radcot.

That the owner of every Boat or barge passing Old Eye (called Monk's Mill Stank) shall pay 1 penny per ton.

Of course a mill implies a weir (or Stank).
1764: Survey of Berkshire, Rocque, marks the mill (see map in Old Radcot Bridge section).
1789 & 1793: heavy tolls paid here.
1791: Jessop: Old Mill pulled down.
1810: tolls finally ended at least some twenty years after there was any reason for them.