SUTTON BRIDGE, Tollgate Road

1910: "Sutton" or "Culham" Bridge in Thames Valley Villages by Charles G Harper

[ There was some confusion (at least in my mind!) between what are referred to as "The Culham Bridges" which are over the outflow of the Abingdon Swift Ditch old navigation channel, opposite Abingdon Marina, and the bridges below Culham Lock. The single arch bridge over the navigation channel is Sutton Bridge to which this page refers.

Across the downstream end of the Culham Lock cut, below the lock. On the RIGHT bank.
1811: Sutton Bridge built by the Thames Commissioners. This is an extension of the old Sutton Courtenay three arched bridge over the weir stream
1965: Sutton Bridge, Francis Frith -

1965:  Sutton Bridge Francis Frith
1965:  Sutton Bridge, Francis Frith

2004: Sutton Bridge from Culham Lock -

Sutton Bridge, from Culham Lock, 2004
Sutton Bridge, from Culham Lock, 2004

2005:  Picture, from downstream, Doug Myers –

Sutton Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005
Sutton Bridge, Doug Myers © 2005