River Loddon

How is flow estimated?

St Patrick's Stream (Canoes & Punts only) runs FROM the Thames above Shiplake Lock DOWN into the Loddon which rejoins the Thames BELOW Shiplake Lock. For this remarkable stream see St Patrick's Stream (the Upstream end above Shiplake Lock)

Loddon Map

Left bank just above Shiplake Railway Bridge and below Shiplake Lock
The River Loddon rises from chalk fed springs at Basingstoke, and flows north easterly. In the upper reaches of the Loddon, and some of its tributaries, river channels are wide and shallow, typical of chalk fed streams. However, broad lowland river valleys, through which the Rivers Loddon, Whitewater, Hart, Blackwater and Bow Brook meander, dominate much of the catchment.

Loddon Drive roofed Bridge

Roofed Bridge River Loddon
Roofed Bridge over the River Loddon near Thames