Windsor Slipway beside Elizabeth Bridge

Left bank below Elizabeth Bridge, 01753 850004
Road access via Stovell Road website -

The slipway is located at the rear of Windsor Leisure Centre, immediately downstream from the Queen Elizabeth Bridge (Royal Windsor Way bridge). The slipway is available to launch boats up to a maximum length of 6.7 metres (22ft).
At the bottom of the slipway there is a 150mm upstand/stop to reduce the risk of trailers passing beyond the end of the slipway. The water depth over this upstand will be 850mm during normal river conditions.
Users should check their passage is clear from obstruction before launching their vessel.
Although trailer parking is available under the bridge, motor vehicles should be located in the pay and display car parks where standard charges apply. All users are asked to be considerate of other river users when parking their trailers within the designated area.

Just downstream of the leisure centre on the Left bank where the narrow channel starts which makes the Left bank side of the railway bridge an island, is a new boathouse for Windsor Boys School

An impression of the new Windsor Boys School Boathouse

Windsor Boys School initiated this project with the intention of developing an excellence centre for rowing. Gaining significant interest from the Royal Borough of Windsor, the project has potential to be a valuable addition to the wider community.
Visually this building refers to the upturned hull of a rowing boat. Shutter-boarded concrete at ground level continues this reference to boats. The roof is a zinc cladding and the end elevations are clad with timber panels. Both these materials will weather over time helping the building to adapt to its surrounding and develop a unique character.