Old Windsor Lock

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Left Bank Lock bank, tel: 01753 861822, length: 179', width: 24'2"
Upstream the Right bank channel is Old Windsor Weir stream. The weir is right at the top of the cut.
Old Windsor Weir for canoists.

1300:  100 shillings to repair the King’s Weir at Old Windsor.
1770:  Suggestion of building a lock at “Top of Capps”
1776:  A horse towpath at “Caps”, “to avoid the dangerous towing in the river there”.
1822:  Old Windsor Pound Lock opened.  There was at first no weir.

Old Windsor Lock, 1834
Old Windsor Locks, 1834, W Lacey, after William Tombleson

1836:  Weir erected.
1868:  Abolition of lock discussed.
1870:  Weir extended and a tumbling bay built
1871:  Lock cut bridge built (or rebuilt).

1880: Old Windsor lock, Henry Taunt -

Old Windsor lock, Henry Taunt, 1880
Old Windsor lock, Henry Taunt, 1880
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; HT02833

1885: Old Windsor Lock in The Royal River -

Old Windsor Lock, 1885
Old Windsor Lock, 1885

Pink ticket, 1888

1889:  Old Windsor Lock rebuilt.

1910:  Fred Thacker –

I had the excellent fortune of an object lesson in old-world river life:  a tug and three barges with deals and paper held up at the bend at Old Windsor Gulls below the lock;  through grounding on a shoal.  In the ancient approved fashion one of the bargemen went up to the lock to ask for a flash and did not get it;  though I noted high water above the lock when I passed up.  The crews and their families seemed very cheerful;  it was a rare day in June!  I discovered the secret very quickly;  the water was being held all up the river above Old Windsor for Ascot Sunday, the following day.  Doubtless the old Commissioners frequently turn restlessly in their graves!

[Ascot Sunday was the great boating day at BOULTERS LOCK]

1955:  Old Windsor Lock, Francis Frith -

Old Windsor Lock, Francis Frith
Old Windsor Lock, Francis Frith