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Left bank lock, tel:01784 432333, length: 257'7", width: 24'5"
Named after Charlie Bell, 19th century weir keeper and ferryman. THOUGH - I have also heard an alternative story that the name "Bell Weir" dates from the 13th century. However Fred Thacker says "... Charles Bell, whose name the station doubtless perpetuates ..." If anyone can throw any further light on this please say so.

Bell Weir Lock Island

The Right bank in the lock.

1490s: "the were abouen Stanes brigge" [ "the weir above Staines Bridge" ]
1811: Discussion about a poundlock in a new cut from "nearly opposite Anchorwick Island" to Milsom's Point: the sharp bend above the lock.
1817: Bell Weir Pound lock opened. Charles Bell, first keeper. The City of London described it as 'an obstruction to navigation'.
1827: Weir 'blown up' in February through an accumulation of ice.
1832: Fearnside - "Egham Lock"

A more superior officer, superior to the general class of poundkeeper, at an increased salary, to be stationed at this the first and by far the most important poundlock -

1866: Bell Weir lock collapsed.
1867: Bell Weir Lock and Weir rebuilt
1877: Bell Weir Lock rebuilt.
1883: Bell Weir Lock, Henry Taunt -

Bell Weir Lock, Henry Taunt, 1883
Bell Weir Lock, Henry Taunt, 1883
© Oxfordshire County Council Photographic Archive; HT4011

1889: Jerome K Jerome -

HARRIS and I began to think that Bell Weir lock must have been done away with ... George had towed us up to Staines, and we had taken the boat from there, and it seemed that we were dragging fifty tons after us, and were walking forty miles. It was half-past seven when we were through, and we all got in, and sculled up close to the RIGHT bank, looking out for a spot to haul up in.

1904: New weir
1907: Rollers added at Bell Weir
1907: Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith -

1907: Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith
1907: Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith

1960, Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith -

1960, Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith
1960, Bell Weir Lock, Francis Frith

Above Bell Weir Lock on the Right (north) bank is the water intake for the reservoirs to the north of Staines

Thames Water intake for reservoirs